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Perfect your cold calling

Today with unlimited access to internet and advanced technology, cold calling isn’t as stressful as it used to be. And acing it is not so difficult at all. A lot of information is available to salespeople these days through social media and other sources. This exercise also helps to determine fundamentally whether something will happen […]

Buddha’s teachings for developing business strategies

When one talks of the Buddha and/or even Buddhism, one can hardly relate it to sales and marketing strategies. Well, it’s time to do that now. Open the door of your heart to Buddhist marketing and tap into the wisdom of Buddhism/ Buddhist philosophy. You can easily apply them to sales and marketing strategies with […]

What can storytelling do for your product marketing?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved his kitchen set. His father thought that these were great signs of things to come. We’re sure you want to know what ensued next. That’s what stories do to us. And this is not a new phenomenon, throughout history, mankind has delved into and transformed […]

Why is using customer data in B2B marketing important

A new four letter word seems to have taken over a lot of minds these days. It’s called DATA. When it comes to B2B marketing, it is something whose importance cannot be undermined. The four letter word has become absolutely essential to running a successful marketing campaign. If you’re missing out on mining your company’s […]

4 Ways To Use Your Data The Right Way To Increase your Sales

Did you know that just 0.5% of data available is used by marketers who seem to be totally intimidated by the vast amount as well as its complexity?   Did you know that just 0.5% of data available is used by marketers who seem to be totally intimidated by the vast amount as well as […]

A Small Team Can Make It BIG

One of the most significant learnings I picked up while working for a number of startups and running a few of my own is that a startup is extremely different from a large company. In a startup, you’re at it to identify and determine your selling point as well as your proposition and create an […]

Cure for the Founder’s Syndrome – Succession Planning

A lot has been said and reams of paper have been dedicated to what is popularly known as the“founder’s syndrome.” When everything related to important decision making and the very profile of an organization become so associated with one person or small group of people, it is time we need to sit back and think […]

How DATA impacts CFOs

By now we all have easily established that organizations big or small, all need and also manage to collect overwhelming quantities of Data. They could garner it either from internal functions and operations or external customer interactions. With business analytics presenting a robust promise to evaluate data for competitive gains, real-time insights across the value chain […]

Maximising Profits with Perfect Pricing

Determining the price that can attract prospects as well as existing customers for your service or product is in all probability one of the most daunting challenges when you are launching a new product or service. Unlike digital goods, pricing for physical goods is pretty simple.   For the omnipresent and effervescent digital goods with […]