Getting ahead in sales in a competitive world

Whether you’re atop-class computer technician, financial planner,, copywriter, or a sales consultant, you know that you’re up to a lot of competition. There are plenty of other people in the same business going after the same prospects as you. Like a lot of us out there, you may be wondering how you’re ever going to get more clients and take your business to the next level.

When trying to gain a foothold and start a business in a competitive industry, standing out seems like a daunting task. It is as crucial as it is difficult. You’ve shed dollops of sweat and have a unique and quality offering, but how do you cut through and be the go-to option for your clients and customers?
Getting this facet right is extremely important in order for businesses to stand out in the crowded and competitive marketplace. To help get you on the right track, here are some of the key areas we’ve focused on.

1. Sales depend on focusing and giving it your best shot
You can never solve everyone’s problems so don’t make this your goal. Instead, identify what it is you do well and focus on making it world class.

2. You need to be known by your personal brand
This is crucial and will go a long way to helping you stand out. In today’s age of social connectivity, the focus is most often on the people so it’s important to take an active role in how you’re portrayed online and how that relates to your company.

3. Provide incomparable customer service, each time, all the time
Be a company that people want to be associated with. Many new customers happen through referrals from existing customers. When customers like your product, they become your brand ambassadors.

4. Aim for big wins
Garner some big wins, get them on board and share them with your community. Find pitch nights or industry awards to enter – the free PR and exposure can go a long way.

5. Position yourself as a specialist
If you want your prospects to see you as an expert in your field, don’t expect them to seek you out on their own. Demonstrate your expertise and give them a reason to contact you. Create offers, schemes and relevant proposals to get them to come to you.

6. Target, position and build strong relationships
These are three simple things you can do that the majority of your competitors, if not all of them, are not doing. Do these three things well and you’ll add more horsepower to your marketing and stand out from the competition.