Buddha’s teachings for developing business strategies

When one talks of the Buddha and/or even Buddhism, one can hardly relate it to sales and marketing strategies. Well, it’s time to do that now. Open the door of your heart to Buddhist marketing and tap into the wisdom of Buddhism/ Buddhist philosophy. You can easily apply them to sales and marketing strategies with key marketing lessons and modern-day corporate social responsibility relevance.


When the Buddha speaks that there is need to let go and maintain some form of balance too, it lends itself to modern day businesses too.

The Buddha said the reverence of the six directions is to fulfill the duties toward six communities which are encountered by people in their daily life. The six directions and their respective communities according to Buddha are:

1. East direction: Mother and father
2. South direction: Teacher
3. West direction: Wife and children
4. North direction: Friends
5. Upward direction: Brahmin (enlightened one)
6. Downward direction: Workers

Buddha has put the worker in the downward direction. Downward is the place where we stand and is the base for all activity. So, Buddha has given higher importance to them.

It’s a known fact that motivation, encouragement and appreciation in the sales function work as well as monetary gains. If the employer realizes this and gives due credit to the workers and encourages them for the work performed, she/he can notice a considerable difference in the employer’s outlook and performance. And then there is no stopping the sales graph from skyrocketing!